[Zonemaster-devel] Submitting bulk checks

Michal Toma michal.toma at afnic.fr
Thu Oct 6 09:15:32 UTC 2016

Yes, first I'll try using a single transaction. 
If it is still too slow I'll drop indexes first and recreate them once inserted. 
If it is still too slow I'll use the PostgreSQL COPY command.

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I guess the current code loops over the domains and inserts them one at
a time, right? So what will you change? Will you insert them all in a
single transaction?

On 06/10/16 09:20, Michal Toma wrote:

> It is not supposed o take that long.
> In my setup I don"t really mind what time it takes. I'll fix the
> test submitting process in the add_batch_job API.

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