[Zonemaster-devel] Submitting bulk checks

Michal Toma michal.toma at afnic.fr
Mon Oct 3 16:13:33 UTC 2016

Yes the "add_api_user" is just a username and key. There is not a public production ready security here yet but there is a check in the API to allow to create the user/api_key pair only from locahost. The idea was to provide something usabe to the standard user that we tough would be someone running batch jobs mainly in private setups.

Yes the add_batch_job is not documented yet. Can you please add an issue to the Backend please, I'll check the planing with Sandoche and write the missing part of documentation ASAP.

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On 03/10/16 16:28, Michal Toma wrote:

Hi Michal,

> The Zonemaster backend has an API for exactly your use case.
> Attached you will find the batch_test_FR_zone.pl script that we use
> to run the zonemaster backend in batch mode.
> It assumes the Client.pm module from the CodeSnipets directory of
> the backend is available in the perl include path.
> Please let me know if you need more help with the code.

Thanks for this sample script. I have a couple of questions about it.

1. The "add_api_user" call seems to just add a username/key. But if
anyone can invoke this call, then anyone can add themselves as a batch
user. Is this not a flaw in the design?

2. The "add_batch_job" call isn't documented in API.md. Is it possible
for you to add documentation for it. I prefer to use another programming
language to create my batch test.


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