[Dnscheck-dev] Filter not working

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Tue Jan 28 10:49:37 UTC 2014

On 28/01/2014 11:35, Calle Dybedahl wrote:

> The log has a handful of lines like this:
> 7.279: 14.109.in-addr.arpa NOTICE [DNS:LOOKUP_ERROR] no nameservers
> The “no nameservers” bit is an error message from the Net::DNS::Resolver module. 
> Given the way DNSCheck uses Net::DNS::Resolver, the only way to get that error 
> message is if IO::Socket::INET6 is not installed (or is installed, but with a 
> version lower than 2.0). Which should not happen, since IO::Socket::INET6 v2.54 
> is listed as a required module in DNSCheck’s Makefile.PL.
> Can you check that IO::Socket::INET6 is correctly installed in the environment 
> where your test is run? If it is, I’d be interested in seeing the output from 
> the attached very short script in the same environment.

Ah, got it. IO::Socket::INET6 is not installed on this system. I build
RPMs of dnscheck, and RPM is generally clever at figuring out all the
dependencies of a package. However, IO::Socket::INET6 is not a direct
dependency of dnscheck, but an indirect one by way of Net::DNS::Resolver.

Grr. This is annoying. I will adjust my RPM spec file and list the
dependencies explicitly, and repeat this test. I'll let you know how it

Thank you for the pointers!


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